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Evanta Solutions is a new division of Plain Communications Ltd, the oldest full Internet Service Provider in Canterbury and the first New Zealand ISP to offer commercial web hosting.

What are the advantages in dealing with a 'Solutions' business rather than a web designer or an ISP?

"Sometimes people have sought help purely from a web designer when really they would have benefited from advice and assistance that would go beyond the scope of design. Newcomers to receiving web services may fail to appreciate the distinction between a web design firm including some dynamics in a web page and a professional ecommerce solutions team providing a well engineered solution for business on the web. Often it isn't enough simply to have what the designers often propose - some graphics, HTML and an web form that sends an email with the order and credit card number. The prospective web trader needs to know:

  • How to use a secure website in the safest way
  • How to move complex ordering data through a shopping cart phase and into check-out phase and generate advisory emails to themselves and customers with customised content
  • How to manage over time the information coming out of multiple orders

And should expect to get

  • Reports on their trading
  • Ways of looking up orders based on the order's date-time and/or customer information
  • Integration to a range of epayment solutions that work for the market that they are entering
  • Short settlement times for epayment to be realised to their trading account

That is the sort of work that requires a company with a clear focus on helping solve business problems using the Internet.
"You can look at the difference between this company and an Internet provider whose primary concern is Internet connections, whether these are broadband or dial-up or some dedicated business circuit. Such a company deals with only one layer of what is to be fulfilled to have a successful Ecommerce operation. If you start talking to the support desk of an Internet provider about a rather specific and complex Web Ecommerce challenge you will obviously find that this takes them out of their depth.

"We have staff now under the Evanta Solutions banner who are specifically addressing Ecommerce issues and are highly customer responsive. They spend their days programming, customising, designing, and planning and analysing with respect to the Ecommerce processes.

How do the new Evanta Solutions softwares help business people?

"Evanta will program to create any web application that makes business sense. However the Activator Softwares are quite specific:

Cart Activator

- For Online traders to be able to present a shopping cart without having the cost of all the software being designed specifically for their own websites. This software is now in its second release with many features helpful for online trading."Often you will find that people are limping on as they can afford it to put more facilities into the shopping cart which has in many instances cost them well over $10,000, and sometimes well over $20,000. These kinds of challenges that are being met separately by different websites can be addressed much more economically if the Solutions Provider has a central piece of software where the customer can lease use of sophisticated technology to undertake these web tasks. Cart Activator gives an online administration for an online shop and the vendor can manage adding products and images and weights in the products and alter the look and feel of the shopping cart simply by making choices in the administration forms.

We give assistance to customers to design the look and feel, but then they really can drive a lot of aspects from the administration. For example they can launch a sale on products in their webshop by a few clicks through Cart Activator's administration.

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