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Web Software

Looking for ...a template-driven content management system for your website?
                  ...a web shopping cart solution?
                  ...a web forum system?
                  ...a web survey?
                  ...or other smart web software to improve your e-presence and realise more of the potential of web business?

Evanta is delivering these and more in easy-to-operate affordable web hosting environments.

Evanta offers you the hosted use of the Activator Web Applications to meet your organisation's business requirements. The software ranges from supporting online collaboration and file sharing, through to content control and appearance of your website.

The advanced e-commerce software products are:
  1. Cart Activator (current version 2.1)
  2. SecurePay Activator (current version 1.0)
  3. Survey Activator (current version 0.9)
Web publishing products include:
  1. Web Activator (current version 2.0)
  2. Content Activator (current version 0.8)
  3. Forum Activator (current version 1.0)
  4. Newsletter Activator (current version 0.8)
  5. Catalogue Activator (current version 1.0)
  6. Link Activator (current version 1.0)
The office and Intranet communications software includes:
  1. Workflow Activator (current version 1.0)
  2. Intranet Folder Activator (current version 1.1)

1. Cart Activator - this is for online shopping carts and their administration. Online traders can present a shopping cart without having the cost of all the software being designed specifically for their own websites. This software is now in its second release with many features helpful for online trading. Cart Activator gives an online administration for an online shop and the vendor can manage adding products and images and weights in the products and alter the look and feel of the shopping cart simply by making choices in the administration forms.
Installation and customisation assistance is available, including creation of templates for the specific design requirement (look and feel). However there are existing templates already in the software, that with the options from the administration menu will produce carts that meet many traders' requirements.

2. SecurePay Activator - for e-payments and their administration where merchants use one or more payment clearance services. Existing integrations with VPS and Pay-By-Check. Obtain your own SSL Certificate or rent a folder in an existing SSL Server. SecurePay Activator can help you in either case.

3. Survey Activator - for building, issuing and analysing online surveys using web-based administration. Survey Activator is for the creation of web surveys and the statistical analysis of their results.

4. Web Activator - create your website online, or provide for your customers to create their websites online. Web Activator is for rapid construction of templated websites in easy steps. This allows a simple website to be launched entirely through web forms.

5. Content Activator -For development and management over time of major organisational websites and web publishing ventures. Features extensive document version and structure control using XML templates, rules-based server software, object databasing and WYSIWYG inline editing.

6. Forum Activator - for online threaded discussion forums with moderation, web-based administration, and email bulletins. Forum Activator which gives the opportunity for discussion forums with a wide range of features and controls. For example the forums can be behind login protection. There can be multiple forums for one organisation. This software supports subject threading, email bulletins, moderation and more.

7. Newsletter Activator - For organisations to create and issue online newsletters with web-based administration.

8. Catalogue Activator - this application is useful if an organisation wants to keep an online database of library resources in different media - CDs, videos, publications, periodicals.

9. Link Activator - for building, and operating portal websites. Link Activator creates a web site that runs link indexes in the portal style made popular by some of the large directories. A business can put up lists of resources and links to the associated sites from a web based site administration.

10. Workflow Activator - For desktop and web control or appointments (individual and group), to-do lists, task lists.

11. Intranet Folder Activator - A web based file management resource for Intranet and Extranet file sharing. This product smoothly integrates with Forum Activator so that your file sharing and your forum activity can be meaningfully linked.

All of the Activator product suite can operate in either the Unix/Linux environment or the Microsoft Win32 environment.

The Activator Software range of Evanta assists business people to trade effectively on the Web with reduced expenditure, secure payment methods and self-management of their websites.

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