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Evanta provides a consultancy service to assist you in realising success through the web.

Here is a brief introduction to the subject of web strategy: written by the Managing Director of Evanta Solutions, Robert Hunt

  • How to achieve long term goals with your website; what shortcuts and pitfalls to avoid?

    Plan and identify the team

    Many New Zealand websites do not reach their goal because of inadequate Planning and insufficient understanding of success in this medium; you need more expertise than you would for print campaigns.

    You must identify your purpose and ensure coordination of the experts who will carry through essential tasks.
    How clearly have you discussed the measurement of success with your site designers?
    What criteria were used for choosing site hosting?
    What strategies do you have for updating, and search engine visibility?
    Does your hosting provider work with you, accommodating special statistics or security needs for instance?
    ----Some, like my company, can offer strategic planning at every level from single product web shops through to ecommerce supersites, not just traditional website design and hosting.
    How good an information technologist do you have to be to hold the tiller of your web ship?

    Many business and professional people at first find the choices in information technology and design technicalities confusing. Obtain expert guidance before starting. Ensure you have coordination between your hosting, design, programming and promotion. To sail successfully you do not need to become the boat builder and designer - but - do plan the journey!

    Focus on your goal

    Ask yourself why you commissioned your site. Which of the following describes your broad purpose?

    Online shop - to retail products or services

    Augmenting service - to track and support information for another service on or offline, e.g. tracking freight

    Company presence - to show style of operation, facilitate contact, keep corporate identity visible

    Marketing and promotion - a competition, survey, glamour gallery

    Channel management and Intranet - secure and distinct areas of an interactive site meeting needs of your different stakeholders

    Portal - multi-featured gateway to other sites in a particular industry or profession

    Online publishing - text, imagery, audio, or video materials

    Analyse and update

    How readily will seekers find your site?

    What pages do they enter from, and what makes them leave? Were they satisfied? In your Web team there should be someone who obtains statistics reporting from the Web host and helps you assess progress. Have help to plan your voyage in this area, understanding from the beginning measurement of results.

    Remember Design makes the Difference

    Our designers at CyberXpress have often found clients prepared to spend money on new systems but needing to spend more thought on how their site will clearly reflect the purpose of their web project. If we are going to assist you to catch the Internet trade winds in your business "sales" then your site needs to favour clarity, first and foremost - not clutter. Our most successful clients have sites that very quickly and clearly reveal their usefulness and capability!

    Try Proven Techniques

    Is your website:
    easy to navigate with the mouse drawn to the important links?
    focussed on target market?
    eye-friendly in design and graphics?
    updated with fresh content and changes to encourage return visits?
    interactive to encourage response?

    Publicise your site

    "You've got a cool site, will the customer find you? Of course not, they don't know where you are!" - anon Remember to include your URL on every form of communication. Talk up and write up your Web project if you want the site to help you and others.

    Your customers/clients/patients/constituents are sure to be seeking answers on the Web. Whose answers will they find? Yours or someone else's?

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