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What should describe your Ecommerce Partner/Provider..?

In most cases now the first impression you will make with your customers will come from your Website.
The vital first impression then is being created from technology and design that will be operated by someone other than yourself. Therefore, it is very important to place this in the hands of a reputable, experienced web hosting provider. The vendor you principly use for achieving this for you will be able to fulfill a range of roles such that you regard them as your ecommerce partner. You will be looking for a company with a range of skills, e-business experience and proven processes for successful management of hosting services.

As you look into the options, consider in each case the extent to which the vendor is able to deliver the services that fit with the profile or your ebusiness. While there is considerable variation in service offerings and associated pricing we list here for you the minimum requirements that you should check are present before arriving at a selection:

1. Experience?

Is there relevant experience within the vendor firm to work with your kind of business? Think of the types of technology and business processes that are important to your organisation.

Evanta is operated from within an Internet Service organisation that has been providing web solutions since 1994 when that technology was in its infancy. The Evanta staff include Internet technologists who have long and extensive experience.

2. Expertise?

What level of relevant expertise exists within the vendor? Depending on the goals of your web endeavour now or in the future, you may need to access web programming or database expertise. It will be best if the company that does that is already familiar with your operation, its styles and business requirements.

At Evanta you can benefit from expertise in everything from web promotion through to complex ecommerce management. Evanta has evolved developing solutions and testing new technologies at the front edge of internet services for many years.

3. Expansion capability?

Can the provider create solutions that are readily increased in scale where you have immediate or longer term requirements for greater activity. What will happen if your site attracts a lot of hits or your database needs to store a lot of data?

Evanta personnel are trained to confer with you on the question of scalability and all the standard solutions at Evanta are built on a technical foundation that allows rapid deployment at larger scale.

4. After sales service?

What is the standard of response you can expect when it comes to technical support and general service over time? Do you need personnel that can communicate in a particular language? What is the central assurance of service?

At Evanta the organisation is attuned to holistic principles of service. The technical support is given by personnel with good training and direct access to more experienced administrators. There are a wide range of languages spoken by staff members of Evanta. It has been described as an international team, with Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Thai support in addition to English.

5. System design and administration?

What level of quality is required within the provider organisation when it comes to maintaining site performance at an optimum level? How will they plan quality outcomes with you?

Evanta works closely with its customers, consulting to form a plan that matches the customer's expectations and using or designing appropriate systems to meet measurable objectives.

6. Distribution of caching and acceleration?

What is the provider willing to do to optimise delivery of your content to your important constituency? Which market are you most concerned to be reaching with adequate speed?

Evanta is maintaining and using multiple points of content acceleration on different continents, and can customise caching solutions to bring your content to your constituency at much faster speeds than providers that ignore this important adaptation to Internet topography. As broadband use goes up in many countries around the world this becomes a more and more important element in delivering larger commercial web sites.

7. Content management?

Are there technologies operated by the provider for allowing you to manage your content and optimise your site performance?

Evanta offers several solutions within its Activator Web Toolkit.

8. High availability?

Will your provider give assurance that your site will have high availability, and be there for the people you want to have using it at the times they require it?

Evanta offers a service level assurance and works diligently to maintain that with International connectivity supported by diverse fallback options.

9. Security?

Does the provider have a security practice that shields your site from penetration by hackers and minimises the likelihood and possible impact of other attacks.

Evanta has a strong security policy. For obvious reasons this is not discussed on the web. Having been in the business of many years and built and grown carefully, Evanta is well situated to continue strong security.

10. Consulting and planning?

Is your provider attuned to the market you are working within, and to the strategies that you might best adopt to evolve your ebusiness in tune with the market you are addressing? Are they concerned about your e-success?

Having a focus on solutions, and an active programming department, alongside business strategy consultants, Evanta can guide an assist you in creating e-success!

11. Statistics and Monitoring?

Does your provider maintain real-time site monitoring and ongoing statistical site activity reporting?
Can they educate you about the things to watch for that may be leading to a less than successful result?
Will they automate checks for any potential failures that may affect you?

Evanta daily updates site statistics, and maintains records and graphical reports for you of previous months of activity. Your server is watched for performance and uptime by Evanta's alert system. Specialised watching programs are readily developed for customers by Evanta's programming team.

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