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- the basic module series - a pricing revolution!

Please contact Evanta Solutions, email us at info@evanta.co.nz
The LaunchPad $7.95/month with many features...
  • $7.95 a month
  • 15 Mb storage
  • Up to 3 Evanta hosted domains can be applied as server names
  • 3 mailboxes, 10 mail aliases
  • One web based non FTP upload account, FTP access to htdocs
  • PHP 4 or PHP5 (safe mode), PHP session module
  • HTTP password protection option for one folder
  • PHP email form sample
  • Up to 2 server based URL redirect options
  • Up to 6 server based URL aliases
  • Error log monitoring
  • Use of customisable SSL mail form
  • National Internet exchange transparent acceleration
  • Includes domain hosting service for primary server name
  • Domain registration for all server names must be obtained through and paid to Evanta/Plain Communications, otherwise domain hosting service is not freely included
  • No pointing of remote name records by IP or by frame based URL redirection to sub folders of your site is permitted. i.e. No sub-site hosting and no external name service.
  • Weekly full backup is run on the servers
  • No setup fee


  • MySQL multitable access additional $7.95 per month
  • Statistics base monthly report $3 per month plus $10 setup
  • Statistics medium weekly report $5 per month plus $15 setup
  • SSL pages for form outcomes, database access from SSL pages and SSL for your graphics $8 per month
  • Safe Cold Fusion MX additional $10 per month
  • HTML intervention where you or your representative requests changes $65 per hour (minimum charge out $25)
  • PHP and MySQL and Cold Fusion support $80 per hour (minimum charge out $35)
  • Backup restores, Sys Admin and Security intervention [including at our discretion intervening if PHP you create is exploitable ] $120 per hour (minimum charge out $40)
  • HTML support, strategy, reporting $80 per hour
Applicable to all Evanta Web hosting accounts:
  • Prices on this site are quoted excluding GST
  • Services are available contingent upon receipt of payment
  • Chargable time services will be invoiced payable by 20th of the month in which the invoice is sent.
  • Support is available by email for server configuration and provider network issues should they impact on core HTTP functions. Use support [AT] evanta.co.nz
  • Escalation to telephone support if there is a web or POP3 service outage. Evanta will advise if it is not an outage caused within Evanta's network or principle Internet connections.
  • The email service for the mailboxes does not represent any undertaking to provide outgoing email service other than from the webmail. If you request telephone advice concerning matters concerning email configuration of your mail client or mail gateway, or issues with firewalling or anti-virus mediation of your mail service, then this can be given but is chargable at a minimum of $40 per incident and at $60 per hour after the first 20 minutes.
  • Invoices for base accounts are annually in advance
  • The economy accounts are for low to moderate levels of traffic and use
  • High use peaks may be constrained at the provider's discretion to fairly distribute server and circuit loading.
  • Our DNS registration is not included in the above web hosting pricing - $40 per annum
  • All domain names for server names must be served from the Evanta web server to assure continuity of service and management of acceleration.
  • Domain names will not be renewed until payment for the applicable period, and if expiry occurs domain name reinstatement requires the registration fee plus reinstatement charge. Also if domain registrar is moved other than by Evanta, then domain hosting will then be charged for each name involved at $10 per month (billed to the end of the hosting year and payment required by 20th of the month in which that invoice is issued.) For the years that follow if the domain registrar is not through Evanta a year of domain hosting will be billed with a year of web hosting. If you moved the domain to another registrar and you did not understand the implication you have 10 days from our notification & invoice to move it back (for NZ domains provide a valid UDAI to Evanta) to void the associated domain hosting fees.
  • Where sites are found to be launched in subfolders by URL redirection using frames or other masking techniques from other servers, and Evanta has good reason to believe that sub-site hosting was intended, the Evanta site hosting fee will be increased in accordance with the number of instances of this. Each sub folder will represent at least one more launchpad hosting fee. On detecting sub-site hosting Evanta will determine the period of time of this form of sub-site hosting based on the date on which the sub-folders were created or the date on which the domain for which URL redirection is used was created, whichever was later.
  • Plain Communications terms of trade apply to these accounts as found at www.plain.co.nz/terms.php and are binding for all Evanta hosting customers in addition to the terms here, with the exception of the provisions on this page that supercede where there is an overlap.
  • Termination of web hosting plans requires that you give notice that all services within the package of your web hosting plan are not longer required. If you continue to use the services, by pointing DNS at mail delivery for example, or by keeping mail folders active within the associated mailboxes, then the account can be deemed to be still in use and closure delayed and service still billable into a further annual period.
  • If termination notice has not been given by 30 days prior to the end of an annual subscription period then the next year of subscription is payable.
  • No refund is given for any unused portions of the annual subscription that is current at the time of termination being given.
  • You will have access to the subscribed services until the end of the subsribed period
       for the next account see The Commerce PLUS $15.95/month

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