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Service Standard Guarantee

Evanta [Web Solutions division of Plain Communications] assures that:

Standard of Work:

Our work is undertaken with professional care and pride. All design and programming work is undertaken by experienced well-trained personnel in the areas in which the chosen solution is being constructed.

If you raise in person an objection of substance to our work quality within 24 hours of our delivering it to you, we will upon consideration and given our acceptance of this, not only re-work the area of concern to raise the standard, but also grant a period of free ISP service in the form of a credit to your ISP service account if that is held with us. That period will not be less than one month of one ISP service and may be greater depending on the extent of the quality issue.

Debugging-phase prior to final acceptance testing is not subject to quality objection, of course.

We will email and document our work regularly so that you are able to have a close understanding of what progress is being made.

Browser and Function Testing:

Our website work is tested for presentation and functionality using MS Windows Internet Explorer 5.0 and above and MS Windows Netscape 6.0 and above.
Our programming work is tested with trial data that reflects the scope of activity and use defined in our undertakings to you.
We will only release finished work that has passed such internal testing and only after you have had an opportunity to view and test the work.

Handling of technical or deployment obstacles:

Should any difficulties arise in the process of undertaking your work that might impact on delivery we will advise you as soon as practicable, and make genuine efforts to find a method that will satisfy you for proceeding around the obstacles.
Service failures or interruptions are unlikely and if they arise they will be responded to promptly.
While we limit our liability for any impact of service failings or outages in a given month to a maximum of the reversal of the fees charged in relation to that month, we understand the importance of reliable functioning in ecommerce and use data backup and readily restorable databases and web configuration systems.

Economical strategies and Review:

We are willing at 6 monthly intervals to respond to any inquiries you may have concerning the changing market, changing use of our services and the pricing schedules you are on for services with us.

We wish to work alongside you to help you have an effective and affordable basis for building your Internet success.

We strongly wish to see you succeed and we will work hard to support your success.

We at Evanta can secure for you your Ebusiness Advantage!

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