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What does Ecommerce include?

Ecommerce doesn't simply refer to interactivity within a website. It means being able to conduct transactions, handle sales, payments or systematic ordering and through the web assist other parties involved with the firm.

Responding to the needs of customers to find Ecommerce solutions in some areas showed there often was either no pre-packaged solution or the only ones were too costly. This meant that Plain found itself building not only specific interactive trading websites, but also applications for recurring web needs. The demand for the new suite of applications resulting from this and the associated services led to the establishment of Evanta.


Ecommerce is the fastest growing method to expand your:
  • Market presence internationally
  • Product sales levels
  • Channel communications
  • Company coordination

Affordably, Easily, and Effectively!

Evanta is a progressive solution provider in the ecommerce space. Ecommerce is a lot more than simply having a web site that lists your products. From hosting and/or designing your online shop to implementing a large web based inventory and procurement system, Evanta can guide you safely through the integration process.

To learn more about how we can help contact us...

For more information about CartActivator, our software for your online shop(s):
Cart Activator comes in three levels.

Web Shop

  • This software supports retailing a wide range of products
  • Products can have varying attributes provided that attributes do not introduce price-variation
  • Product specials
  • Fixed freight per order
  • Online admin for appearance and format of cart
  • Web upload interface for cart graphics
  • Web admin to create basic associated web pages for home, terms of trade etc.
  • Web admin for creating, editing, and deleting product information
  • Web admin for controlling freight fee
  • Web interface for refunding via epayment option
  • GST calculation and receipting
  • Print and fax alternative order page
  • One epayment option
  • Wider range of reports on transactions, orders, and customer

Web Trader

  • It's capable of up to 5 catalogues
  • Unlimited non price variation attributes per product
  • Freight by weight or fixed freight price per order
  • Multiple courier
  • Search for a product
  • Alternate mode for product download for digital products
  • Web upload interface for cart graphics
  • Web admin for controlling freight fees per courier & weight
  • Customer login for repeat business customers to save preferences
  • 2 Epayment options
  • Web Trader includes everything that Web Shop offers

Web Enterprise

  • Multi website use of the cart and epayment system per merchant id
  • Can be used for more than one merchant id
  • Multi shipping destinations per order
  • Unlimited catalogues and full admin for creation of such
  • Multiple epayment options
  • Web Enterprise includes everything that Web Trader offers

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