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Evanta Solutions is the Web and Ecommerce division of Plain Communications.

Plain's involvement in Web work began early having launched the first commercial Web Hosting service in New Zealand. After more than three years of development of web applications to offer a range of solutions to Web Hosting customers Plain formalised the division of Evanta Solutions.

Activator softwares to set up a web shop

Evanta brings you the Activator Softwares that make setting up a web shop with epayment straight forward and secure and that smooth the way to setting up a quality presentation website. The softwares are modular and can be added to an existing site rapidly and customised extensively.

Economical web shopping with owner control

At a much more affordable level than complex content management solutions you can have templated web content with "Web Activator" that meets the needs of individuals and small businesses wanting to have controlled website updating and to economise on web design time. "Cart Activator" and "Epay Activator" give revolutionary ease to the setup and ongoing maintenance of even the most complex of web shopping environments.

Simple transition from old style to flexible new style

Evanta offers professional assistance to web site owners and developers, and assists migration from old style websites to new easy to update template driven sites. Evanta also assists Internet Service Providers to offer new tools to their customers for online web site creation, updating and maintenance.

Highly skilled programming team supporting many languages

The Evanta Solutions team includes highly skilled programmers and designers, and is specially positioned to support creation of websites in Asian and European languages and styles.

Integrated approach to facets of web trading

Evanta is creating excitement in the market place by helping businesses overcome the hurdles that often arise from the separations between "web design", "system programming", and "web promotion and marketing".

Evanta softwares support each stage of Web trading

Evanta Solutions offers a holistic alternative with a team that has experience working together across all these disciplines producing softwares and customised solutions that consider the factors of efficient platform, effective design, and attunement to online promotion as an integrated process. Evanta offers comprehensive advice, support and a suite of solutions for all the steps from the planning through to post production promotion of a web operation.

Softwares that save multiple installs

Evanta undertakes Web hosting and application hosting in a new way. Rather than multiple installs of products Evanta has a range of web software products that act as a toolkit that can be connected to different websites quite flexibly.

Modular system of related softwares

The system is quite modular. You can add to a basic web hosted site the ability to run and administer a shopping cart, process and receive epayments, host discussion forums, issue a web based newsletter, conduct an online survey, or any of several other options in the Activator suite.

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